Avon Home




  • Wax candles in glass jars with metal lids
  • 3-wick, 11 oz. candles
  • Give 30 hours of burn time
  • Available in 4 new scents: Spice Wreath, Sweet Pumpkin Bread, Fig and Chestnut and Apple Orchard (joins Salted Caramel and Vanilla Buttercream)
  • Our Home Fragrance Candles have a long burn time and with 3 wicks they burn evenly down the sides.
  • Practice candle mixology and burn two different scents near each other to create a whole new scent. Check out the Candle Mixology “Recipes for Success” on page 155 of the Campaign 19 brochure.
  • As we move indoors with the season changes, use these candles to give your home a sense of warmth as soon as people step inside.
  • These candles make great gifts!
  • Many of my customers reuse the jars with lids once the candle is gone

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