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Being A Representative Has Its Perks!



Get a quick start to having fun, making customers happy and loving your new business with our KickStart program.

Earn 40% in your first campaign regardless of the size of order, compliments of Avon!

Earn 40% on all sales in your next 6 orders (campaigns), when you achieve each of the KickStart sales goals. (Includes face-to-face and online sales on all product categories.)

Invite friends to join you to learn, grow and build a business together. Receive $50 on every Qualified KickStart Recruit* who joins your team within the KickStart program timeframe. There’s no limit to the number of recruits.

Achieve all the KickStart sales goals in campaigns 2-7 and recruit a minimum of three (3) Qualified KickStart Recruits* in your first 7 campaigns, and you’ll receive an extra $200 performance bonus. Total potential earnings = $1,010.

So you earn more than $1,000 total when you hit all the KickStart sales goals and recruit 3 friends to join your team and sell!* Here’s how it works:




Campaign Sales Goals Approximate
Based on 40%
2nd Campaign $150 5-6 $60
3rd Campaign $200 6-8 $80
4th Campaign $250 8-10 $100
5th Campaign $300 10-12 $120
6th Campaign $350 12-14 $140
7th Campaign $400 14-16 $160
+ 3 Qualified KickStart Recruits ($50 each)* $150
+ Bonus for Achieving Sales & Recruiting Goals $200
TOTAL $1,010

*A Qualified KickStart Recruit is a new recruit who has an on-time, paid order of $150 or more during her first or second campaigns (by close of the second campaign). Get all details on

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